2015 Late Summer Lectures (17:00 for 17:15)

We are pleased to announce that the Department of English Studies’ annual Late Summer Lecture Series will return this summer, with a new interdisciplinary focus; doctoral candidates and post-doctoral researchers from all disciplines are invited to submit abstracts for consideration. The Series gives researchers an opportunity to present their research as an accessible public lecture, open to academic and non-academic audiences alike.

Proposals can be on any topic related to literature and narrative studies. Lectures from the previous series focused on such diverse media as novels, poetry, public speaking, film, and video games. This year, particular preference will be given to proposals with an interdisciplinary approach to explore the interconnectedness between English literature and other academic disciplines. Non-interdisciplinary proposals are also welcomed, as are proposals to present a joint lecture, ideally focused around a clear theme, from groups of two or three researchers.

Speakers will also be given the opportunity to have their work recorded and uploaded to the Department’s READ (Research in English At Durham) website with the permission of the speaker. We will respect the wishes of speakers who would rather not have their research recorded and published online; we fully respect your privacy, and will make accommodations where necessary.

The Series will be held at Alington House in Durham every Wednesday evening from 19 August to 7 October 2015. Lectures should be approximately 45 minutes long to allow for 10–15 minutes of questions. Abstracts of no longer than 250–300 words should be sent to latesummerlectures@gmail.com by 18 May 2015.

For further information and updates about the Series, find us on Facebook (Late Summer Lectures) or follow us on Twitter (@Late_Summer2015). We look forward to receiving your proposals!

Sarah Lohmann, Curtis Runstedler and Alexander Wilson
Convenors, 2015 Late Summer Lecture Series


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